ditomsounds superiorUsed in combination with a specific cleaning solvent, ultrasound machines enable quick, perfect cleaning of all anilox cells by generating micro-bubbles that thoroughly eliminate impurities. Shorter cleaning and buildup downtime times, together with guaranteed constant printing quality result in a sharp cost reduction for your company.

DitomSounds ultrasound machines are Made in Europe, easy to operate and cost-efficient. The new USP system built into the machine regulates high and low frequency waves, preserving anilox rolls and ensuring a quick, accurate cleaning process.

Impianto a ultrasuoni a 3 cilindri

This ultrasonic cleaning machine can wash up to 3 rolls simultaneously.

As far as dimensionsions are concerned, sizes span from 450 up to 3000 mm. Every ultrasound machine can be customised according to customer requirements related to dimensions, washing options for 1, 2, 3 rolls, empowered engines for heavy rolls and optional support sleeve.

HD high line screen anilox rolls with more than 450 LPI can be upgraded with HD anilox roll upgrade that allows to choose the right washing cycle according to roll type, thus shortening washing times and enhancing cleaning efficiency and accuracy, even for high line screen anilox rolls.

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