Founded in 1939 in Milan, our company has been present in the Graphic Arts market for over 70 years now. We started the “Dimatore & Tommasi” production of rubber for stamps in 1939 in Milan and since then we have kept growing over the years, eventually becoming the leading European company in the production of rubber compounds for the flexographic and stamp industry.

First distributors of TOK photopolymer plates in Italy – now Kodak Miraclon Letterpress – in the early 80s we introduced the first analog plates for business forms and labels, we introduced new plates for all letterpress and flexographic applications and we assisted our customers in the adoption of cutting-edge printing technologies: digital CTP and direct laser engraving for perfect dot control.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the market, we brought a wide range of metal plates and all related additives for photoengraving.

Working side by side with printers brought us to project equipments for the total control of press variables:  cleaning machines for aniloxes, blades, chambers and press machine parts  and plate cleaning machines for high volumes for flexo packaging. 

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Ditom is a member of the Technical Board of Italian F.T.A.

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