Use tecnofoam roll to pre-dry your plates !

Tecnofoam roll can be used to pre-dry the plate before putting the plate into drying unit. It avoid drops formtion on the plate

This roll is a very important part for plate producers and it is sold individually.

This roll has too confortable handles so that you can also use it vertically. For a longlasting roll, please keep it into water.

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Watch the video!

In this video, you can see how tecnofoam roll works:

  • Available in several sizes

  • Handles are on both sides in order to apply the right pressure on the plate

  • Perfect to remove killer drops on the plate


Discover the advantages in production

Easy to use

With the two handles you can use it also vertically

Long durability

you can keep it in the water and it’s always ready to use

it pre-dries perfectly the plates

It avoids drop formation on the plate

How to use it

It's very easy !


Place the roll

After wash-out, place the roll on the plate


Go through the surface of the plate

Go through the surface of the plate so that you can pre-dry it


Put the plate in the drying unit

After pre-drying the plate, you can put the cliché in the drying unit.


Suitable for UV flexo and letterpress plates

Steel or film based materials

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What's a killer drop and how you can avoid it?

The killer drops cause the presence of halos and circular spots of various sizes on big solids and fine letters. You usually see them on UV flexo and letterpress plates

Read the article we dedicated to the problem of killer drops and find out what causes them and how to get rid of them once and for all.

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flexo labels


“Prima di passare alle vostre lastre lavoravo un altro polimero che aveva una buona resa in stampa ma per ottenere un buon cliché ne dovevo fare 5 o 6 perché le lastre non erano costanti. Le vostre lastre sono di qualità ottima e al tempo stesso ti perdonano di più, il che per noi in produzione vuol dire tantissimo. Le lastre concorrenti con 5 secondi di più di esposizione devono essere buttate via e questo rende tutto più complicato per chi come noi, oltre a fare i polimeri, deve stare sulla macchina da stampa.”.””


Adhesive tapes


“Uso le vostre lastre ormai da tempo. In stampa ho i risultati che desidero e riesco a fare tirature interessanti. Riusciamo a fare circa 3500-5000 rotoli stampati.
Noi archiviamo perfettamente i cliché: le lastre devono essere perfettamente pulite, asciugate e riposte.Questo sicuramente aiuta a mantenere ottimali le performance delle lastre!”

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What are killer drops?

It is a foamy residue of wash-out water left on the printing surface of the plate after rinsing and subsequently returned to print.

How can I avoid them?

You can use tecnofoam roll on the plate before putting it in the drying unit

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