Ink trays, doctor blades, chambers always ready to use.

Linda is the range of spraying machines built for flexo printing.

They are easy to use, accurate and fast cleaning machines with no need of frequent maintenance programs.

Linda machines do not use solvents, they do not need difficult requirement to be installed because they do not use solvents.

They are ready to use, not flamable and they are compliant to the stricter regulations of food packaging.

Linda machines range comes from our experience alongside printers which allowed us to design machines that could accurately remove flexographic inks and help the printers in production.

Linda can wash ink trays, doctor blades, chambers in few minutes. They have options suitable for rotary and silk screens as well

Choose your version

Which kind of production department do you have?

Standard version is suitable for printers with small-medium productions.


Superior version is perfect for printers who have medium-high productions.


Superior and Super ExtraLarge are perfect for high productions



Design your parts cleaning machine

A short quiz to discover which is the right parts cleaning machine and which options we suggest for your productions You will receive pictures and technical specification of your parts cleaning machine 


Watch the video!

in this video, you can see how Linda works:

  • Standard Version

Compact machine for ink trays, doctor blades, chambers washing.

  • 800 mm diameter basket

You can easily place all your parts in the basket.

  • Simple control pannel

Control panel allows you to start the washing cycle and check temperature and time.


Discover the advantages in production

Accurate cleaning in few minutes

In few minutes ink trays, doctor blades and chambers are ready for a new job.

Fast positioning

You can easily place ink trays, doctorblades and chambers on the basket.

Perfect for ink trays difficult to be cleaned

Linda machine manages to clean the most difficult ink trays.

Ready to use cleaners

No need to mix chemical or 2k products that can damage your machine.

Decanter system

Our machines work with long lasting products which can be reused several times.

Bucket, drums, screen options available

With Linda, only one machine for all your parts: ink trays, doctorblades, rolls, screens, drums, tank or buckets.

How to use the machine

It's very easy !


Place the flexo parts

Place all your parts on the basket: ink trays, doctor blades, rubber rolls chambers…


Start washing cycle

Close the machine and start washing cycle. High pressure spraying holes perfectly removes inks from all your parts.


Ready to use

After several minutes, all your parts will be cleaned and once dried they will be ready for a new job.


Which are the available options?

You can personalize our cleaning machines according to your production

  • Standard or Superior version

The right version depends on sizes and on the number of parts you want to clean.

  • Bucket and drums cleaning options

If you want to clean plastic or steel 5 kg or 20 kg buckets, you can add the right option (picture).

  • Silk and rotary screen Option

If you have rotary or silk screens you can wash them inside the same machine using the right option.

  • Smart Drain & Decanter

Drain quickly your parts cleaning machine and you fill your decanter with a direct link through Smart Drain.

  • Filtration


Design your parts cleaning machine

A short quiz to discover which is the right parts cleaning machine and which options we suggest for your production You will receive pictures and technical specification of your parts cleaning machine 

Cleaning products

Not flamable and re-usable cleaning products

Stop using 2k toxic and flamable cleaning products. Linda parts cleaning machine do not work with flamable products and they have all certifications for food and pharma packaging industry.

They are specific cleaners which removes any kind of flexo ink or varnish residues in few minutes. They can be used several times.

Decanter system reduces cleaner consumption and discharge costs.

Our satisfied customers

Our skills At your service


flexo labels


“Sicuramente ciò che mi ha più colpito di Linda la semplicità d’uso.

La macchina è pratica, comoda, nuova, e non richiede una gran formazione, quindi gli operatori imparano subito ad usarla.”


food packaging labels


“Il dubbio principale che avevo prima di acquistare Linda riguardava la qualità del lavaggio e temevo forti odori in reparto a causa dei liquidi. Lavorando nel settore alimentare, avevamo bisogno di una macchina che ci garantisse di pulire gli attrezzi senza poi doverli ripassare con altri prodotti.

Dalle schede tecniche e le certificazioni del prodotto che ci avete fornito insieme alla macchina abbiamo visto che erano conformi ai requisiti e alla normativa del settore alimentare e ci siamo tranquillizzati… Poi la pratica stessa ci ha tolto qualsiasi dubbio!”

You ask, we answer


Do you need special requirements for Linda installation?

No, Linda only needs an eletric connection. According to the version you choose, compressed air could be required.

I use several kind of inks Shoud I change the product every time ?

No, we have products which can remove all kind of inks:uv, water or solvent based. You can choose the right cleaning product for your production

I also have rotary and silk screens. Can I wash them properly?

sure, you only need screen options with supports and you will clean them without any problem

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