Cut and mount perfectly your flexo plates

Superior trimmer is specific for flexo plates or film based letterpress plates

Also ideal for the high thicknesses of the corrugated cardboard sector, the superior cutter allows you to make precision cuts at 90° and inclined cuts for perfect assembly.

The Superior Flexo Cutter has been specially designed to ensure operator safety and increase production. The blades are inserted inside a mouse that slides on a rail that allows you to make precise cuts. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and very practical.

Flexo superior trimmer is available in the following lenght: 46, 81, 127, 163 or 214 cm.

Choose your version

Which kind of production department do you have?

Standard version is suitable for printers with small-medium productions.


Superior version is perfect for printers who have medium-high productions.


Superior and Super ExtraLarge are perfect for high productions



Design your parts cleaning machine

A short quiz to discover which is the right parts cleaning machine and which options we suggest for your productions You will receive pictures and technical specification of your parts cleaning machine 


Watch the video!

in this video, you can see how Linda works:

  • Standard Version

Compact machine for ink trays, doctor blades, chambers washing.

  • 800 mm diameter basket

You can easily place the plates in the washout

  • Simple control pannel

Control panel allows you to start the washing cycle and check temperature and time.


Discover the advantages in production

Easy Pre-mounting

Avoid annoying attempts to cut at an angle and waste time smoothing out the corners using the cutter.

No guillotine blade

Maximum safety for the operator who does not have to use guillotine blades. With the comfortable mouse, the blade runs along a rail and the cuts are precise.

Two kind of cut

You can choose whether to cut the cliché at 90° or inclined to facilitate the overlapping of the cliché.

how to use the trimmer

It's very easy !


Place the plate

Raise the lift and hold handle and place the plate on the trimmer


Choose the kind of cut

Choose which kind of cut you want on the plate 90° or inclined.


Move the mouse

Moving the mouse along the rail will cut the cliché perfectly. in case of thicker plates, you can cut twice along the rail


The plate is ready

Raise the lift and hold handle and remove the plate ready to be mounted on the cylinder.


Perfect on any polyester plate

also with high thicknesses

The superior trimmer is specific for printing clichés and is also suitable for the high thicknesses of the corrugated market

special contents

Video: "inclined cut without any effort!"

. Linda parts cleaning machine do not work with flamable products and they have all certifications for food and pharma packaging industry.

They are specific cleaners which removes any kind of flexo ink or varnish residues in few minutes. They can be used several times.

Decanter system reduces cleaner consumption and discharge costs.

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flexo labels


“E’ molto pratica e veloce. Prima diventavo matto con il cutter! Ora in pochi secondi, taglio il cliché direttamente inclinato e lo monto sul cilindro.”


Stampa Flexo


“Mi ha cambiato la vita! Taglio i clichés che hanno già il biadesivo montato sul retro che ricevo dal service senza il minimo problema!!”

You ask, we answer


Can I cut 5 mm plates?

Sure, you can cut thick plates also with double adesive on the back of the plate. if you fill the form we will send you videos and tech. specifications

Do we need special requirements for Superior trimmer installation?

Absolutely not, just set up a table, even a simple desk, slightly wider than the size of the cutter you choose.

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