Cleaning services for anilox rolls up to 1600 mm long. Customers will be able to choose among a whole range of cleaning services, to be performed also at their own site.



One of our specialised techinicians will perform the service at the customer’s site. The service includes possible pre-treatment with special pastes and specific cleaning products according to ink type and brand. The cleaning process is carried out through ultrasound machines. Our technician will also give the customer advice on proper anilox maintenance. It is also possible to have your anilox analysed through a special 3D microscope.

A report of anilox conditions before and after the cleaning is available upon request.



One of our ultrasound machines can be rent together with a specific cleaning product. The service includes a technical briefing on how the machine works and two-way transport. 



Pre-treatment with special pastes and cleaning service through an ultrasound machine at our own site. The service includes a specific cleaning product according to ink type and brand.

If you would like to receive a quotation of our cleaning services without obligation, all you have to do is write to us at