pellicole-cliche At last, here comes a film production system that uses inkjet technology and is perfect for creating matrices for printing and producing photopolymer plates.

Cost-efficient and thoroughly tested, the system is complete with an inkjet printer, a special toner for excellent coverage and film sheets.

This film production system allows to create films with thin lines and minute details and it is ideal to produce plates for printing on adhesive tapes, letterpress printing and male/female dies for embossing. There is no need of a blackening spray because the black is already high coverage.

This film production system is the ideal solution for all those who already carry out the graphic creation of the file with an old and expensive photounit that needs to be replaced, and those who outsource the graphic work. In the latter case, the file received by email from the graphic designer will be launched for printing on a specific unprocessed film, thus obtaining the negative. A great time and money saver for printing professionals!

A real “keys in hand” solution involving a printer with a kit for the first start and a package for assistance over the phone.
It is also possible to ask for installation at your own site, during which our specialized technicians will work closely with your operator and guide him through the process of printing the film. During the operation, the matrix for printing using the film will be created as well.