Hard and difficult-to-mount clichés? Discover how to reuse your plates multiple times.

Hard clichés even if they have never been used for printing? Plates that are difficult to mount because they are too stif? Clichés that crack during reprints?Polymers that crack during reprints?Do they have a different release compared to the first use? Discover how to use your clichés multiple timeswhile maintaining the same quality. Not being […]

The alternative to the discontinued Torelief WF175 plate

If you are looking for the discontinued Torelief WF175 plate, here is an excellent alternative product for typographic applications. The DF 175 is part of the new line of Typographic Polymers, which is an evolution of the traditional Miraclon plates. In addition to providing excellent definition, it allows for long runs and durability even in […]

Water-based flexography: 3 mistakes to avoid

The three mistakes to avoidto preventin water-based flexographyturns into your worst nightmare When it comes to flexographic plate production, there is a lot of confusion. Especially when we talk about water-based flexographic photopolymers. Let’s clarify things. 1° ERROR: TO THINK THAT HYBRID PLATES FOR UV FLEXOAND WATER-WASH FLEXO PLATES ARE THE SAME THING. When it […]

Differences between water washable and solvent washable flexo plates

Flexo plates are essential for printing labels, flexible packaging, textiles, and corrugated cardboard. In recent years, water-wash plates have gained importance due to their sustainability and elimination of toxic solvents. However, the differences between water-wash flexo plates and traditional ones can be decisive in choosing the best technology for one’s application. In this article, we […]

4 Signs to Spot the Perfect Processor

No matter what kind of plates you work with – water-based, solvent-based, for UV printing. Today I’m going to tell you about the 4 signs that every printer must look for when they have to choose a new photopolymer plate processor. I wrote this brief after countless calls from printers who had already tried everything […]

Films are doomed

How many times have you got this… despite aiming to a very different result? I bet it’s happened so often you’ve lost count. You’ve grown accustomed to it, to such an extent you’re not even surprised any more. You get the film from your old photounit and put it into the exposure unit. At the […]

Have you ever seen a cleaner water-based flexo system? [VIDEO]

Eliminate annoying polymer residues during washing without wasting time on lengthy maintenance. Watch the video and discover the VFW system that allows you to produce water-based flexo plates in a practical, fast, and clean way. Have you ever seen a water-based flexo system cleaner than this? Does it seem impossible to have such clean water […]

Water-based Flexo Polymer Plate: HD Quality, No More Solvents

Water-based flexo polymer plate: HD Quality, no more solvents Compatible with both water- and solvent-based inks, Aquaflex enables quick production of ready to use plates, eliminates processing solvents and the corresponding disposal expenses and allows easy mounting and placing, while minimizing buildup and downtime spent cleaning the plate for printing. And these are only a […]