Equipments for plate production

Produce in-house your clichés in less than 40 minutes without solvents and expensive extractors.

… Even if you never processed a plate in your life.

CTP system developed for label and narrow printers for the production of digital plates @ 4000 DPI. For all kind of plates:  flexo, letterpress with film or steel base and films for screen. It’s perfect also for small plates which are processed always at the max. speed. 

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MIRACLE V is a full range of processors – tower or automatic in line specific for water washable photopolymer plates.

According to the plates, there are several equipments:

  • Letterpress plates 
  • Flexo water washable plates

Main features are:

  • FULL Configuration with all electronic controls in order to grant the top of results. 
  • Automatic opening of washing unit in order to avoid damages at the plates.
  • Automatic thicknesses adjusting for different plate production

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ditomsounds superior

Equipments and Services
for variables control;

Complete range of equipments for the printing variables control

Ditomsounds machines allows a perfect deep cleaning of anilox cells in few minutes.

LINDA has spraying machines for plate cleaning, flexo press parts like blades, trays and chambers. 

Equipments for one or more anilox cleaning at the same time. Available in standard version or superior with rinsing tank and spray gun. For high LPI anilox cleaning, HD option is available.

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LINDA cleans perfectly all machine parts in few minutes with no toxic solvents and complicated exhausting systems. Perfect also for food industry.

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LINDA cleans perfectly drums or several canisters at the same time in few minutes and without toxic solvents and expensive exhausting systems. Perfectly suitable also for food packaging industry. 

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LINDA plate cleaning machines are developed for high productions. They have an EASY MAINTENANCE systems which allows quick maintenance.

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Cleaning services for narrow and flexo packaging printers. 

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Measurement and anilox analysis to check status and cleaning performances.

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