Which cleaning system is more effective for cleaning anilox rolls?

Which method is more effective for cleaning anilox rolls? In this article, we compare spray wash machines and ultrasonic cleaning systems, highlighting the differences between both methods.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines and spray wash machines are two commonly used methods for cleaning anilox rolls.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines use high-frequency sound waves to create cavitation in water or detergent, resulting in a mechanical cleaning action on the surface of submerged objects. Thanks to cavitation, ultrasonic cleaning machines are capable of effectively and gently removing dirt, particles, and ink residues from the engravings of anilox cells.

On the other hand, spray wash machines utilize a combination of water pressure and detergents to remove dirt and particles from the anilox rolls. In this case, water pressure is sprayed onto the surface of the anilox rolls to remove ink residues and dirt from the cell engravings.

Both cleaning methods can be effective, but the choice of the best method depends on specific cleaning needs and the condition of the anilox rolls.

In general, ultrasonic cleaning machines are considered highly effective for anilox cleaning because they can remove even the smallest and hard-to-reach dirt particles that may be challenging to clean with other methods.

When it comes to high-definition printing and high line-count anilox rolls, it can be challenging to achieve accurate and uniform cleaning results beyond 480 LPI without the action of ultrasonics. The patented Sweep system precisely modulates the waves to achieve uniform cleaning in all the microcells of anilox rolls.

A common point of both systems is that they can utilize detergent solutions that are free from aggressive chemicals or toxic solvents. In the case of the machines we design, the detergents used are non-flammable and comply with MOCA regulations.

Recent studies have led us to conclude that the combined action of both methods – ultrasonic cleaning and spray wash – allows for achieving the best washing results.

This is one of the reasons why the Superior version of Ditomsounds washing machines is equipped with an additional rinse tank and a spray gun. At the end of the washing cycle, it is possible to complete the cleaning process by eliminating any stubborn residues that have been detached from the bottom but are still present inside the cells through the water rinse using a spray gun.

To learn more, you can visit the “WASHING MACHINES” section on our website. There, you will find detailed technical specifications, frequently asked questions, and videos demonstrating how they work.

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