img_5823CTP Aura Machine for Letterpress and Flexo High-Quality Plates.

Film-based and steel-based.

Thanks to their 4000 DPI resolution, CTP Aura machines allow excellent imaging precision. The perfect writing also contributes to the production of a clearly defined dot, resulting in flexo printing quality that is similar to offset applications.

External drum construction

CTP Aura machines have a drum with external loading of the plate, making use of the same “curve-and-pin” method, with no need to manually secure the material to the drum. A fast and easy mounting system.

•Automatic balancing

The drum is automatically balanced according to the thickness and dimensions of the mounted material, always maintaining the highest writing speed.

Fotopolimeri analogici digitali
Our experience in the photopolymer plate sector allows us to suggest customized solutions to meet the productive needs of every customer. Installation of CTP machines by Ditom includes technical assistance in setting, processing and controlling the results of any type of letterpress, steel-based or polyester-based and flexo plate, be them water-based or solvent-based.

ctp-tamburo• Temperature and humidity control

CTP Aura machines have different sensors measuring the temperature and humidity inside the machine in an interval between 15 and 26°C respectively, with a 0.1°C precision and a 10-70% relative humidity rate.

• Automatic monitoring of plate edges

Thanks to the automatic plate edge monitoring device and to the sensors placed inside the clamps on the drum, materials of different sizes can be inserted into the machine with no need of particular adjustments by the operator.

• Focus

Thanks to the dynamic, automatic variation of focus, the surface of the material is measured in real time during imaging across the whole writing surface, with the aim of avoiding out of focus effects. Every laser imaging is made at the best possible focal distance, in order to always guarantee a clear and sharp screen.

• Automatic laser beam pathway selector

In case of malfunctioning of one laser diode, the technology of the laser beam pathway selector automatically resorts to as many remaining channels as possible, adjusting them to guarantee normal working continuity, with minimal reduction of nominal productivity.

• Easy to operate and connectPDF Download Button Rot

CTP Aura machines can be connected directly to customers’ workflows, allowing the production of 1 bit TIFF files. A specific work station also allows management of work and print queues. Furthermore, it is possible to use the built-in Founder Flexo software suite that enables complete management of PDF files, application of Trapping and optimization of the output format.

CTP Aura machines are now also available in smaller sizes. Discover all the news!