4 Signs to Spot the Perfect Processor

No matter what kind of plates you work with – water-based, solvent-based, for UV printing. Today I’m going to tell you about the 4 signs that every printer must look for when they have to choose a new photopolymer plate processor. I wrote this brief after countless calls from printers who had already tried everything […]

Films are doomed

How many times have you got this… despite aiming to a very different result? I bet it’s happened so often you’ve lost count. You’ve grown accustomed to it, to such an extent you’re not even surprised any more. You get the film from your old photounit and put it into the exposure unit. At the […]

Plate Washers – A Short Guide to Buy it Right

Today I’m going to reveal to you the 5 hints that will allow you to spot the right plate washer at first glance. Write them down on a post-it stuck to your desk, save them on an Evernote note or on a Word file. Just make sure to bear them in mind when you go […]

New Cleaning Product: 0% VOC, NO GHS Pictograms

From Flexoclean labs here comes a new safe and environmentally friendly cleaning product with no GHS hazard pictograms and with 0% VOC. Finally a product for water-based inks is available that is ideal for the flexible packaging industry and can be used either for inline cleaning in press or for manual cleaning, with no disposal […]

Miraclon Steel-Based Plates for Dry-Offset

Miraclon steel-based plates for Dry-Offset. Dry-Offset system combines letterpress and flexo printing. The relieved surface of the plate transfers the ink onto a blanket, which in turn transfers the image onto a substrate like polypropilene containers. Applications: Production of soft drink cans, tubes, toothpaste tubes, plastic glasses, oil filters, paint canse, detergent bottles, yogurt cups, […]

CTP Aura Machine for Letterpress and Flexo Plates

CTP Aura Machine for Letterpress and Flexo High-Quality Plates. Film-based and steel-based. Thanks to their 4000 DPI resolution, CTP Aura machines allow excellent imaging precision. The perfect writing also contributes to the production of a clearly defined dot, resulting in flexo printing quality that is similar to offset applications. • External drum construction CTP Aura […]

Aquaflex for Label Printing with Water-based Inks

There are plenty of benefits to producing Aquaflex for flexo printing: suitability to all types of flexo inks, quick production, sharper nuances, excellent ink transfer, easy placing and registration, and a plate that does not swell. The first great advantage of Aquaflex plates is their quick production: processing an Aquaflex Optima plate (1.14 thickness) takes […]

Photopolymer Plates for Embossing

Producing photopolymer plates for embossing enables to achieve excellent results at a low cost. Here come some advice and further details from our specialized technicians, who have been assisting plate trade shops and embossers for over twenty years. How does the process work? It’s very simple. A “female” (positive) and a “male” (negative) film are […]